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Sale Opens 10 am Friday 4th June through to 3 pm Monday 7th June 2021

157 Lots for this exciting new sale for Nutrien Equine. 

This mixed sale is online on Auctions Plus and all lots are able to be bid on simultaneously over the four days. 

Alan Parker is again doing our updated online pedigrees, it's been a great effort to get them done in a short time frame. Alan again will also delving into the catalogue each week to bring us highlights and more information on the lots.

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Great news on breeding numbers.

andrew kelly (1)HRA's CEO Andrew Kelly on breeding season & chages to Horses transport rules.
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Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19 and a change in a number of Breeding Regulations such as limited books and restricted conditions and numbers for free returns the figures  to come out of Harness racing Australia are very promising.

Described in a media release as “all indications that records will tumble and trends reverse in what has been a stunning year and turnaround.”

With still some studs to finalise and report figures which incidentally were due on March 31, HRA are confident the number of mares served will exceed 5000 nationally.

Meaning some 355 more servers than the previous season (4645) and for the first time since 2017/18 season the number has risen above 5000.

The media release put out by HRA claims at present with still more to come a 6% rise in the number of mares served and the Colonial Stallions up by some 10% due mainly to the Vicbred offer of $12,000 first win bonus and other states breeding incentives.

Another great figure too come out of HRA is the increase of the number of stallions registered this season up from188 in 2019/20 to 196 this season.

This is a great trend and with the yearling sales also booming harness racing appears to be heading in the right direction.